My name is Sonja Jukić. My interests and questions about life, death and between took me to far away land of China. Luckily China has opened to the world and come to me. Only in this strange land do we have such amazing concepts that challenge and change our preconceived and learned old ways: We become silent in order to hear and notice, we stand still in order to properly move, we practise softly and slowly in order to become strong and fast.

During past 13 years I have been intensely involved in traditional Chinese spiritual disciplines: Taijiquan, Qigong, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese language, Shiatsu massage (stems from Traditional Chinese medicine) and Craniosacral therapy.

All these skills have the same basic principles: to become natural again, to stimulate our vital energy by letting ourselves calm down and relax. And all these skills have the same benefits, they are practical philosophy that change us on many levels: physical level - they boost our imune system, improve bone density, balance, flexibility and strength, make more relaxed and agile body, lower blood pressure, delay the effects of aging, improve blood and lymph circulation; energy level – our vital energy is developed and circulates without blockages through the body; mind level – we become more alive, alert, clear; spiritual level – they bring peace and harmony to our mind and body, we connect more with ourselves and the world around us.